Faithful Journey: Part 3

by Dr. Dave Coryell, Executive Director

Following the intense five day “DC Tour” we boarded a train for western Germany. After a few hours we disembarked and were greeted by Simon Schuh, one of the leaders for C.E. Germany. Simon drove us to Flensunger Hof. Flensunger Hof is a camp where the 29th World Christian Endeavor convention will be held in July 2022.

Imagine young people coming together from at least thirty-three countries where C.E currently makes an impact. They will attend to make friends from around the world, participate in small group Bible studies to directly experience how different cultures react to various Scripture passages, be challenged by choosing one of several workshop tracks, and see the Holy Spirit impact lives through heartfelt worship with so many cultures involved. This will be the 29th time a gathering like this has taken place. God has certainly been faithful on the journey.

Simon Schuh, Bjorn Steinhilber, Nathan Robb and Dr. Dave Coryell.

Flensunger Hof director, Bjorn Steinhilber, provided a tour that showed us potential workshop areas, places for large group venues, fields for activities, as well as all the options available for housing. People will be able to have their own hotel style room with private bath, sleep in a tent while using public shower facilities or choose multiple options in between these two extremes. Over two hundred beds are available in camp buildings but the fields are large enough to have one thousand campers.

Three years from now we will gather at Flensunger Hof. The camp is close to one hour by car to Frankfurt, making it easily accessible for people from around the world to join this gathering. May God continue to guide us as we look forward to the 29th World Christian Endeavor convention in July 2022!

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