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Adult Information

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C.E. Mission Weeks want adults to know what is involved in taking part in a week of ministry. To do that, a Letter to Adults is available for you to download and read.

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Certain behavior is expected from you as an adult when you attend a week of C.E. Mission Weeks. These behaviors are expected to exemplify a Christian witness, protect you and others, as well as treating others in a Christ-like manner. Be sure to read over and apply the Adult Guidelines.

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Each person over age 18 attending C.E. Mission Weeks must do the following to register:

  1. Fill out and sign two forms: (1)Adult Registration Form and (2)Adult Liability Form 
  2. Fill out a Skills Inventory Sheet
  3. Submit a copy of your health insurance card (this is required to expedite time at a hospital if needed)
  4. Background Clearances

The Adult Registration Form, Liability Form, and Skills Inventory Sheet are located in one file. Please submit to your group leader.

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For a successful week at C.E. Mission Weeks, you will want to make sure to pack appropriate footwear for working (i.e. work boots), toiletries, bedding, stuff to sleep on (i.e. air mattress, cot) and other items.

Use the What To Bring list to guide you in purchasing items and packing before the trip.

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Dear Adult Camper:

It is a great pleasure and with excitement to know that you plan to participate in C.E. Mission Weeks. This will be a week that will impact your life well into your future.

A week at C.E. Mission Weeks will offer times for you to build relationships with others in your youth group, worship God (through an evening program and through your actions), minister to the less fortunate, learn inter-personal and construction skills, and opportunities for leadership development, among many other things.

As a C.E. Mission Weeks Participant, there are forms you’ll need to fill out and return to the leader of your group. These items are:

Adult (18 yrs. old and older)
Adult Registration Form
Adult Medical Form
Skills Sheet
Copy Front & Back of Your
Health Insurance card

Also, please take a look at the “Adult Guidelines” so you know what is expected from you as you minister. When you click on the “What To Bring” link on our website you will find a list of what you will need for a successful week.

Finally, please begin to pray about your time at C.E. Mission Weeks. You may want to pray that God will prepare your heart and the heart of the person you will minister to, for safety, and for your willingness to be used by Him. Then one day in glory God can say to you, “Well done, good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25:21).

God bless,
Paul Markloff
C.E. Mission Weeks Director