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A Letter to the Leader is provided to read as you consider bringing your group to C.E. Mission Weeks.

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2018 wk2 BBC1Christian Endeavor requires a minimum of 1 (one) adult for every 5 (five) teens per gender attending C.E. Mission Weeks. This not only assists in managing your group, but also helps in developing inter-generational relationships within your church community.

While you are seeking adult attendees, a suggestion is to find people who have some knowledge of various construction skills. By having a great number of skilled adults and a small adult to teen ratio, teens will be better able to learn new skills which they can use at home or build upon in the following years of attending C.E. Mission Weeks.

We also have no minimum requirement; all group sizes are welcome.

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Christian Endeavor's Mission Weeks take protecting children, teens, and adults seriously from any abuse or accusation of abuse. To ensure all who attend are protected and provided help in the case of accusations, we require one of the following methods: (NOTE UPDATES REGARDING THE NEW PA LAWS)


In this method, every person 18 years of age and older the week of their ministry must have current background checks completed and on file at your church's office.

For Pennsylvania residents click here to get the forms for:

  1. Pennsylvania Child Abuse History certified by state police (CY113 Form) and 
  2. Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Information (SP4-164 Form) Remember, we do not want original clearances turned in with your registration materials. Instead, keep the originals on file at the church office for your future use. Only have the Child Protection Agreement Form filled out and sent to the office. 
  3. Each adult must confirm in writing that he or she has not been convicted of a felony or sex crime within the previous five years, as long as the person has lived in PA continuously for the last 10 years. Federal criminal history record information, with a full set of fingerprints, are required in the event the person has not continuously lived in PA during the last 10 years.


All we require that a completed Child Protection Agreement Form is filed with the Christian Endeavor's office. This form lists all who are 18 years of age and older by the week of ministry, and requires that (1) the Sr. Pastor and (2) a leader of the church's official board/presbytery/council signs it stating that all current background checks are on file at the church.

Other states: Please use the regular background checks used for teachers of the public school in your state. Or you may use a company such as ACCUFAX and file the Volunteer Form.

Click HERE for Christian Endeavor's Child Protection Agreement Form.


Some churches have their own background check procedure that is approved by their insurance company, which is carried out by the church. An approved church policy must include reference checks, attendance requirement at the church, and some application process.

We require that a completed Child Protection Agreement Form is filed with Christian Endeavor's office. This form lists all who are 18 years of age and older by the week of ministry, and requires that (1) the Sr. Pastor and (2) a leader of the church's official board/presbytery/council signs it stating that all people named have been approved by the church's method of background checking.

Please attach a letter to the Child Protection Agreement Form including the following information:

  • Your insurance company approves of the method you use
  • Name of the insurance company with an address and phone number
  • List the requirements put in place to minister with youth
  • Briefly state the components used in your background check


Doing these protection procedures not only ensures safety of all who attend C.E. Mission Weeks from any abuse or accusations of abuse, but also assists in the protection in the ministry at your own church.

A new resource regarding law changes:


And click HERE for a fact sheet for volunteers from the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services.

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What to Bring

A list of What to Bring can be found here. This list guides you in preparing your group to pack for a successful time at C.E. Mission Weeks.

  • What to Bring List in PDF format.
  • What to Bring List in WORD format so you can add items to the list as you deem necessary. Please do not change the content already provided.

Teen Guidelines

Certain behavior is expected from the teenagers during C.E. Mission Weeks. These behaviors are expected to exemplify a Christian witness, protect the teen and others, as well as treating others in a Christ-like manner.

  • Teen Guidelines in PDF format.
  • Teen Guidelines in WORD Format so you can add items to the list as you deem necessary. Please do not change the content already provided.

Adult Guidelines

Certain behavior is expected from all adults. These behaviors are expected to exemplify a Christian witness, protect the adult and others, as well as treating others as Christ would treat them.

  • Adult Guidelines in PDF format.
  • Adult Guidelines in WORD Format so you can add items to the list as you deem necessary. Please do not change the content already provided.

Registration Paperwork

Download and print the Registration Paperwork you need to give to the attendees.

Roster checklist form to assist you in keeping track of registration materials.
Available for large or small groups.

Sample Support Raising Letter

Download this sample fundraising letter in WORD format. Each person can edit it and add in their own personality to the letter.WC19 promo IMG 4716 web

Ways to Develop Servant Leaders

Click HERE for a list of different ways to get your teens to take a leadership role during the week.

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To reserve space for your group to attend a domestic week of C.E. Mission Weeks, submit a $100 non-refundable (but transferable to another year) deposit along with the Space Reservation Information to the C.E. office. There are two options to reserve your domestic week, by Postal Mail or Online:

Postal Mail
Fill out and mail a 2019 Space Reservation Form with your $100 non-refundable, yet transferable to another year, deposit made payable to Christian Endeavor at:

Christian Endeavor
P.O. Box 190
Gilbertsville, PA 19525

Or Online
Fill out Space Reservation Information and submit $100 non-refundable, yet transferable to another year, deposit by credit card through our Paypal account.

NOTE: $2.75 is added to the $100 non-refundable deposit for processing fees. Click HERE to proceed.

Please contact us to reserve your spaces for an International Trip.

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Important Dates2018 wk1 GCCWS porch

Once you have been notified that space is reserved by a $100 non-refundable (transferable to another year if necessary) deposit, you will want to begin to plan to make a first payment for each person you hope to have attend C.E. Mission Weeks by January 31, 2019 in order to receive the early rate. Any registrations received after February 1 will be charged the standard rate.

This deposit of $100 per person you hope to have attend and is refundable until April 15, 2019, when the final payment is required to be sent to the office. At the time of the first payment a break down of males and females is not required. A total number expected to attend is necessary at this time.

The second and final payment must be post-marked by April 15, 2019. At this time the registration forms for each person attending is necessary. Information from the forms is needed so we can place an order for t-shirts and to order food for the weeks of ministry.

Until April 15, 2019, you may add people to your group at the regular rate, and people may be replaced without any financial penalty. After that date if a person backs out and there is no replacement you will receive a refund of the fee paid, minus the $100 non-refundable deposit per person.

Materials to be Submitted

Each person attending C.E. Mission Weeks must have the following on file at the office by April 15, 2019:

  • Registration and Liability Form and Skills Inventory Sheet filled out and signed:
    Teen Paperwork 2019 (age 13-17)
    Adult Paperwork 2019 (age 18 & older) - and background check
  • Copy of health insurance card

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The C.E. Mission Weeks payment will be refunded fully for each camper until the final payment deadline, April 15, 2019. After that date, the registration fee minus $100 per person will be refunded. The $100 per person deposit is non-transferable to another year, but is transferable to another person. The $100 deposit to reserve a week for your group is non-refundable as well, but is transferable to another year.

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Download a Timeline sheet which guides with deadlines and other items to prepare for your week of ministry.

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Dear Youth Group Leader:

We are glad you are interested in C.E. Mission Weeks. We know that this is a wonderful opportunity for you and your teens to minister to people who are less fortunate. The week will make a lasting impact to both the teenagers who are working and the people who are served. A youth leader who attended with us said, “A teen can attend a week of summer camp, and be somewhat impacted. But the impact of a work camp is greater and longer lasting.”

Through C.E. Mission Weeks, people are able to put their faith into practice, and live out what James tells his readers in James chapter 2:14-18. We believe in this principle, which is why we encourage youth groups to go above and beyond their comfort zone.

In an article in the Biblical Recorder entitled “Study finds mission trips encourage growth in faith,”1 the following was found about people who attended a mission trip:

Missions participation encourages faith, growth, and life commitments,” said Michael Nuckolls, Campbell University Divinity School student and manager of the project. “Volunteer mission experiences give people an expanded view of God, their relationship with Christ, their role in God’s plan, their relationships with other people, and their outlook on life.

Over 90 percent said they had a greater desire to share their faith. “I’m always looking at people I don’t know and wondering if they know Christ,” Jerrylane Swisher said.

Almost a quarter specifically said their relationship with God had grown deeper. Many mentioned God’s desire to use those who are willing and/or their desire for God to use them

Through their interaction with other people, cultures and life situations, volunteers became more aware and appreciative of both the differences and similarities in people…Several mentioned an increased ability to see the needs of people around them every day… “I am less judgmental and try to see the needs of others,” reported one respondent.

What these volunteers seem to have discovered is an element of growth in faith and mercy that comes through being involved in the lives and needs of other people… “I think that most people learn by doing. Most of us are experiential learners. Too many people think that the intellectual study comes first, then the practical application. When it comes to our faith, I think that the personal practical application comes first and the volunteer’s faith grows because of the experience,” said Richard Brunson, executive director of N.C. Baptist Men.

Our work camps build upon these points by keeping your youth group together at one site to foster closeness during the week. An item that is of big concern to those working within youth ministry is the lasting effect on the teens’ lives upon graduation. In an article entitled “No More Kid Stuff,”2 the author records the following: “Young people need to try to engage in a meaningful activity. . . In doing that, they attain growth and progress through their volunteering. We are effectively equipping them with first hand experiential knowledge of the value of serving others, and hopefully moving them into this while mindset of servant leadership. . .” . . . it’s part of the church’s responsibility to engrain in young people an idea of unconditional servanthood.

“Another piece of the transition is to see ho to serve God in all areas of life. There’s the sense that many young adults don’t really know what they’re going to do, and they’ll serve God when they find out what that is. . . We need to try to create an understanding that your entire life is to be under the reign of Christ.”

Once you have decided to attend C.E. Mission Weeks and you pick your week, please submit your deposit per person by the date set to receive the early rate. Then make certain you have the following information for each person attending and mail it all to us with your final payment by the date specified (See Letter to Leaders above).

Prior to mailing your forms, make copies of the Registration Forms, Medical Forms and Insurance Card for your records. We strongly suggest that you make copies to have in each vehicle that you bring to C.E. Mission Weeks.

All of the above forms can be downloaded and filled out to hand in to you, as the group leader, by anyone who has Internet access. You are also welcome to download the forms and make your own copies to distribute to those planning to attend C.E. Mission Weeks.

There is a “Teen Letter” and “Adult Letter” for your teens, their parents, and your adults to read, which describe the C.E. Mission Weeks ministry, what they need to do to register, and how to prepare for their week of ministry. A “Type of Work” list is provided to give you an idea work what you and your group may be asked to do during your week of ministry. There is also a “What To Bring” list which provides an idea of what each person should and should not pack. Additionally listed is what each group should bring, like tools and supplies.

Please take a few moments to look around our website, to get some more information about the Type of Work, Participants, Dates & Locations, and Rates & Refund Policy.

We care for the food, lodging, program, and work details so you can build relationships with your students while you serve. Spiritual growth begins and then is nurtured at home because of our relational ministry approach.

If you have any questions or want more information, please contact us.

May God bless you as you minister to the young church of today, and as you consider this opportunity to build relationships and minister in Jesus’ name.

God bless,
Paul Markloff
C.E. Mission Weeks Director

1 “Study finds mission trips encourage growth in faith.” Biblical Recorder. May 16, 2003. May 20, 2008.


2 Yates, Eric. “No More Kid Stuff.” Youth Worker Journal. Volume XXIV Number 5. (May/June 2008). May 20, 2008.

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