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Summer Staff


summer staff 2018Thank you for your interest in being a Summer Staff member with Christian Endeavor’s Mission Weeks during the summer of 2019. This will be a life enhancing experience for you as you grow closer to God through service to others.

The C.E. Mission Weeks Summer Staff opportunities seek to fulfill a calling to train leaders to make a difference in their families, schools, churches, workplaces and wider communities for Christ. All Summer Staff will experience training that will prepare them for a life of service and putting Faith into Action as part of Building Lives: Now and Forever.

A stipend, along with food, lodging, and registration costs, are all covered by Christian Endeavor. You can receive additional financial compensation through supporters. The office will provide assistance throughout the support process.

Young people do change the world. And you can be part of changing the world for Christ. Please begin to pray about whether God may be calling you to invest your time, gifts, and talents to serve Him alongside us during our C.E. Mission Weeks.

We hire up to eight high school graduates (ages 18-24) to offer an awesome ministry experience to attendees. The roles to be filled are Administration Support, Camp Gathering Coordinator, Visual Media Coordinator, Worship Song Leading Coordinator, and Work Coordinator Support.

A person will be hired for four weeks of work camps, a week of training, and work camp set up before the first week of attendees. Additionally there will be a debriefing time after the 4 weeks, including unloading the trailers and taking an inventory of items to be stored till next summer.

To find out more about the ministry of Christian Endeavor email me at info@theworkcamppeople.org.

Final note: construction experience and knowledge is not required to be a Summer Staff member.

I look forward to receiving your application and possibly arranging an interview for you to be a C.E. Mission Weeks Summer Staff member.


Pre-Missions Summer Staff Training will be (dates posted soon, June 21, 2019 potential start)

This will be a time to go over what will happen during the summer, C.E. Summer Staff policies, training in procedures and technology, as well as other items that pertain to the employment.

Pre-Missions Travel & Set up
June 26-30, 2019

Set up the housing location in preparation for arrival of teams.

C.E. Mission Weeksstaff half day wk3
June 30-July 6, 2019
July 7-13, 2019
July 14-20, 2019
July 21-27, 2019

Transportation is provided.

Post Missions Debriefing
(specific dates posted soon, most likely July 27 to 31, 2019)

This will be a time for the Summer Staff to debrief their summer, have a last training session, and help to "unpack" from the summer.