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Welcome to C.E. Mission Weeks

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C.E. Mission Weeks (previously called Life Builders - C.E. Work Camps) are a wonderful opportunity for you and your teens to minister to people who are less fortunate. The week will make a lasting impact upon the teenager who is working as well as the people who are served. A youth leader who attended with us commented, “A teen can attend a week of summer camp, and be somewhat impacted. But the impact of a work camp is greater and longer lasting.”

Through C.E. Mission Weeks, people are able to put their faith into practice, and live out what James tells his readers in James chapter 2:14-18.

Ready to put your Faith into Action??? Start checking out the details.

During our weeks of ministry, we seek to offer opportunities for teens to develop service leadership skills to combine social concern and evangelism into one, just as Jesus Christ lived His life. C.E. Mission Weeks are a ministry event of Christian Endeavor, which seeks to "turn today's youth into engaged leaders, one church at a time."

Any person willing to put their Christian faith into action by taking a week to unselfishly serve people in need can attend C.E. Mission Weeks. Groups are invited to join others in helping people recover from natural disasters and/or those who are living in poverty. By helping the people you will help to extend their funds to purchase more building materials, be the hands and feet of God, and share your faith through good deeds, all while being with friends and others from your church.

We care for the food, lodging, program, and work details so you can build relationships with your students while you serve. Spiritual growth begins and then is nurtured at home because of our relational ministry approach.

If you have any questions or want more information, please contact us!

May God bless you as you minister to the young church of today, and as you consider this opportunity to build relationships and minister in Jesus’ name.