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Youth Worker Downloads

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Resources for All Youth Leaders

Mission - Implementing Vision & Surviving Youth Ministry Change - In order to have effective youth ministry, there must be a MISSION!

7 Keys to Impacting Teens - YOU can impact YOUR teens for a life of serving Christ.

Setting up an Agenda - You may know how to set up an agenda for your meetings, but here is a simple guide to MONTHLY staff meetings.

Statement of Commitment - Your staff has gifts and talents that fit well into your ministry. How will you use them?

S.M.A.R.T. Planning - S.M.A.R.T. planning leads to a successful Youth Ministry.

10 Steps to a Focused Youth Ministry Calendar - You can step your way to a focused calendar by following this information.

Favorite Game Ideas:

Train Wreck - click HEREgames 200113 1000313

Tape Ball Game - click HERE

Spoons - click HERE

Two Step - click HERE

Fruit Basket - click HERE

Banana Surgery - click HERE


Stand Out - 6 devotions based on John 17

Fix My Eyes - 5 devotions based on Hebrews 12:2 & Judges

Overwhelmed Not Overcome - 5 devotions on David & Psalm 61

Overwhelmed Not Overcome - pre-devotion on Psalm 61

Strong in the Storm - 5 devotions based on Mark 6:50

Strong in the Storm - pre-devotion 1

Strong in the Storm - pre-devotion 2

C.E. DownloadsCE Cross with ce

Specific tools to assist you in your Christian Endeavor discipleship process

Quick Start - This manual describes in detail how to get started with Christian Endeavor as your youth ministry discipleship process.

T.E.A.M. Work Manual - This document dedicates its first section to general information on how the planning process can work. Each T.E.A.M. letter is described offering explanations for how you can involve and train young people for meaningful service.

T.E.A.M. Flow Chart - An easy at a glance guide to show the steps from Quick Start to iPledge to T.E.A.M.

Robert's Rules of Order - Cheat Sheet - We encourage youth to be equipped to run a meeting. C.E. allows youth to plan and carry out the meetings with adult guidance. In order to do this well, youth must be trained to run a meeting. C.E. groups are encouraged to use the "Robert's Rules of Order - Cheat Sheet" to train youth to run a meeting. Also included are a few case studies or simple examples for youth groups to practice running a meeting.

Roles of Elected or Chosen Officers - Churches have unique leadership structures. C.E. is a flexible tool with principles designed to help you do effective ministry.

Model Group Covenant - The C.E. Covenant is a document created by a youth group defining how it is going to function.

Sample Coaches Contract - Effective youth ministry needs adult participation.

C.E. Pledge - Five C.E. Practices in color for easier memorization

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