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How C.E. Works

Starting Christian Endeavor (C.E.) as a youth discipleship process in your local church involves a simple seven-step process. These steps are explained in the C.E. Group Quick Start Manual that will be sent to you electronically when you click to “Get Started” on this page. These steps include:

  1. Studying the C.E. Essentials.
  2. Praying through whether C.E. is a fit for your church.
  3. Casting a vision for C.E. with your church’s leadership.
  4. Recruiting godly adult coaches to guide youth in their ministry.
  5. Forming your group by teaching on the C.E. Pledge (iPledge material available upon request) and giving youth an opportunity to respond.
  6. Planning your group's work by plugging youth into meaningful acts of service. 
  7. Starting to meet.

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Just as important as How C.E. Works is Why C.E. Works
C.E. Works because it is Simple, Biblical and Relevant

SIMPLE:  Our complex world bombards us with more messages than we can possibly absorb in a day. C.E.’s simple process allows proven principles to be applied to programs that already exist. It also has the flexibility to be used in various different types of churches located in all kinds of settings. Most churches will not have to add one more program in order to use C.E. These churches normally just need to apply an intentional and sustainable process to what they are used to doing.

BIBLICAL:  C.E. introduces youth to a pledge with five key practices for them to live by (Pray, Study, Serve, Share and Worship). These Biblical practices provide an opportunity for growth to occur while accountability can naturally take place. It also makes a connection between being and doing. Both are important but many discipleship opportunities talk about important habits like Prayer and Bible Study without emphasizing specific opportunities to serve and grow in leadership capacities.

RELEVANT:  C.E. remains relevant year after year because it involves youth who commit to following the C.E. pledge as the ministry’s leadership. Adults are recruited and trained to coach youth as they increasingly own and lead the ministry.