Mission Weeks volunteer opportunities
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Use your passion, time, and talent for kingdom impact this summer!

Site director

Purpose: Oversee anywhere from 2 to 4 job sites during a week of camp. Assist with supply deliveries, answering any technical questions to fulfill projects, engage with both campers and community members. Share the task with youth workers in encouraging young people to tackle challenging and appropriate projects while also encouraging the nurture of conversations with home owners.

Skills: Advanced home repair (ideally basics in plumbing, electrical, and carpentry).

Time commitment: At least 1week of camp.


Site Coordinator

Purpose: Ensure job sites are allocated to groups and assigned to Site Directors. In charge of coordinating supplies to sites and oversee any projects that require additional help. Ability to grasp the importance of building relationship with homeowners while connecting young people to challenging and appropriate projects.

Skills: Advanced home repair (ideally basics in plumbing, electrical, and carpentry).

Time commitment: At least 1 week of camp.

Food Preparation Team

Purpose: Aid the Food Coordinator with general cooking, food preparation, and baking. Follows the lead of the kitchen coordinator and acts as another set of hands to help with meal prep and setup for breakfasts and dinners. Recognizes they are on the frontlines of the encouragement team to uplift tired campers who are working long days. 

Skills: Ability to follow direction and willingness to work under the guidance of a team lead. No cooking or baking skills necessary!

Time commitment: At least 1 week of camp.


Admin Assistance

Purpose: Aid the C.E. staff with office paperwork, general administrative items (distributing addresses for job sites, potentially taking supplies to job sites, supporting site coordinator and/or directors), helping with coordination of tasks, supply runs, etc. This person has a positive attitude to jump in wherever needed and looks to cheerfully meet the needs of campers no matter the request.

Skills: Ability to follow direction from C.E. staff.

Time commitment: At least 1 week of camp.

Camp Director

Purpose: Be the point person that provides spiritual, logistical and motivational energy to the camp experience. The Camp Director handles any issues that arise during camp, is someone who is comfortable handling confrontation, and can navigate church leader relations.

Skills: Knows the C.E. model, understands effective youth ministry, grasps the Mission Weeks setup and style, can communicate clearly with C.E. staff of any potential issues requiring staff involvement.

Time commitment: At least 1 week of camp.


Summer Staff


JOin The Team

As part of the C.E. Mission Weeks Summer Staff you will be equipped and positioned to make a difference for Christ. Specifically, you will sharpen skills you can apply during the summer that will also be useful as you live at school, church, in the workplace, with family and in the wider community.  A focused week is dedicated to training you for your Summer Staff experience including spiritual growth exercises, team building, personal development assessments, processing situational case studies, customer service best practices, and a day by day preparation process for all team and individual tasks. 

Therapy Session

Change Lives

You can impact the world for Christ! Be empowered to make your impact by serving on the C.E. Mission Weeks Summer Staff. Pray about God working through you to invest your time, gifts, and talents to serve Him next summer!


A $1000 stipend, along with food, lodging, and registration costs, are all covered by Christian Endeavor. You can receive additional financial compensation through support raising. The C.E. office provides assistance for those choosing this direction.

Serve for the summer

Each summer staffer commits six full weeks to the C.E. Summer Staff experience. This includes four Mission Weeks, one week of training and camp set up, and a closing week. The closing week includes a few days to process the summer from a spiritual and relational standpoint as well as completing the logistical tasks of unloading and taking inventory of equipment/supplies. 

We select up to eight high school graduates (ages 18-24) to offer the most amazing week of the summer to attendees. Summer Staff positions include:

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Office Administration

Do you like organizing? Being on top of daily tasks and coordinating paperwork for others? Tracking numbers and expenses? These are just some of the duties for our Office Administrator.


Worship LEader

Have you led worship for your youth group? Have you always wanted to choose your setlist and work with youth from other churches to lead worship? Does teaching others about instruments excite you? Apply to be our worship leader!

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 Are you a people person? An extrovert? Someone who loves organizing games and activities? You'd be great as our Emcee! 

"Working with Christian Endeavor both as a camper, and a summer staffer, has been a huge blessing to me. It's kept me on a perspective that reminds me that life is about more than just myself. I'm on this earth to serve God and others. C.E. gives me the opportunity to fellowship with campers and homeowners in need. I couldn't ask for a better way to serve the Lord."

- Scott Harley

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Visual Media Coordinator

Are you an avid videographer? Photographer? Does capturing moments for others excite you? Then you might love being our Visual Media Coordinator!

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Work Coordinator support

Do you love construction? Is carpentry, plumbing, or electrical work a passion? Would you like the opportunity to oversee and advise work site projects? We'd love to talk to you about being a Work Coordinator!

Construction experience and knowledge is not required to be a Summer Staff member.

Room and board is free for Summer Staff.