What is a C.e. Coach?

Coaches are people who are trained in the Christian Endeavor model that hold seminars, workshops, and are generally available to other churches to aid in their Youth Group development. They receive training from our resident C.E. expert, Josh Good. Over the course of six sessions, they learn everything that C.E. is, what our coaching model looks like, how to implement a C.E. model into an existing youth group, and go through several of our workshops and resources to fully understand what the ultimate goal for each of those items is.

Becoming trained as a CE coach is an opportunity to grow personally & discover the gifts that God has put inside you. Through coaching others, you’re going to be stretched and grown – and the result will be the increase of God’s Kingdom and more glory being given to God!

You have something valuable to offer! God has placed within you abilities and talents to be used for His glory. Discover what these gifts are, and how God can use them in bigger ways than you could have imagined, through becoming a C.E. coach. As you inspire, equip and encourage churches, students and youth workers, you’ll also be learning more about yourself and God’s plan for your life. Throughout the whole experience you’ll receive one-on-one mentoring from our coaching coordinator!

So, are you interested? If so, click the link below to download our step-by-step guide on joining the C.E. coach roster.