Hippos < Honeybees

you'll hear us mention hippos and honeybees a lot around here. But what does it mean?

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Don't Treat Youth Like HIPPOS! 

Hippos are consumers, eating over 100lbs of vegetation each day. Modern ministry approaches often mirror this idea – treating young people as consumers and defining effectiveness as the information given, events provided, or the dollars spent. There’s nothing wrong with Biblically accurate curriculum, fun events, great facilities or appropriate compensation for ministry workers. We believe these are great things! However, if our discipleship strategies only require passive attendance and consumption from young people, the results will continue to be less than we’d hoped.

Instead, Treat Them Like HONEYBEES!

You have the opportunity to leverage their spiritual potential and help them see that God has wired them as CREATORS rather than consumers! This honeybee approach to ministry and discipleship is the heart of C.E. We've seen ministries reach more young people than ever before, become increasingly sustainable, and be more intentional through this process. We're excited that you've started the journey of treating young people "less like hippos and more like honeybees!"

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