With COVID-19 still looming as a potential threat for the summer of 2021, we are offering "Mission Weeks @ Home" alongside our weekly camps! If your youth group wishes to still connect with our evening sessions and other churches serving in either West Virginia or Pennsylvania, but cannot travel due to restrictions or general concerns, you can be a part of everything while serving your local community! Below is a breakdown of what you will receive if you choose this option.


  • Tackle projects around your community - in your church family, neighborhoods, and family networks (see second page for detailed ideas for projects you can do in your area!) If you struggle to locate jobs, let CE know - we’re here to help!

  • We’ll provide online resources for project management (including a list of helpful YouTube videos), along with real time support from a Site Director via phone call or FaceTime/Zoom.

  • Devotional booklets will still be available and distributed via email and our website. T-shirts for the week will also be made available!

  • Tools to handle your selected projects can be made available upon request from our Tool Trailer.

  • A daily video will be produced every day! Send photos and videos to us and we will include your projects in the daily videos!

  • Tune in every night at 7pm for a virtual evening session! We will have a worship time, a chance for youth & leaders to share God Sightings & stories from the job sites, and for a live sermon from our speaker.

What do we need from you if this is what you would like to do?

  • ​Contact us with what week you want to attend virtually.

  • Send us sizes for t-shirts and either provide shipping information, or dates & times for t-shirt drop off at your church.

  • Let us know if you will require assistance with project preparation and project management so we may provide assistance.

Below please find a downloadable PDF of our informational flyer that details further what sort of projects your youth groups might consider and how we can render assistance through the week!

As always, let us know what questions you may have!

Mission Weeks @ Home Informational Flyer

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Gilbertsville, PA 19525


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