3 Reasons why Your Church Needs Christian Endeavor: Part 2 of 3

Last Post I talked about three reasons why your church needs Christian Endeavor for its youth ministry: It is Simple, Biblical and Relevant. Then I explained how C.E. is Simple. This post focuses on how C.E. is Biblical.

Puppies need to learn boundaries. Boundaries help them know where they can roam, eat, bark and go to the bathroom. Puppies are cute, cuddly and make people smile. However, over time they are not that much fun to have around if they have not been taught appropriate boundaries.

C.E. provides Biblical boundaries for how teens should live out their faith (Pledge and Practices), how youth ministries should function (Principles and Priorities) and how the overall church should think (Position). The church is an incredible gift from God. So many lives are being touched for Christ through the organism the Holy Spirit breathed into life so many years ago. C.E. comes alongside the church to inspire, equip and encourage its youth ministry development. The end result is nurturing an atmosphere over time where youth can be developed into Christ-centered leaders. All of these areas can be studied with better detail by going to www.CEworks.faith, clicking on “Get Started” and reading through the C.E. Quick Start Manual that will be electronically sent to you. May God guide you and your ministry with youth for God’s glory.

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