3 Reasons Why Your Church Needs Christian Endeavor: Part 3 of 3

Remember throughout this post- “You cannot be more relevant than youth!” An entire generation has grown up with a “native” mentality when it comes to terms like Smart phones. Pretty soon the term “smart” won’t be necessary. Teens won’t understand that phones were ever “stupid”! Phones, tablets, the latest apps and other tech break throughs seem to be introduced quicker than the average adult can track. It takes a heroic effort by parents and care givers to be remotely in touch let alone relevant. It is a bold statement for Christian Endeavor to say it is Simple, Biblical, and RELEVANT. There are two reasons why C.E. makes this claim.

First, C.E. integrates the attitudes, opinions and efforts of youth into their discipleship journey. You cannot be more relevant than youth! C.E. helps youth serve. Service is specifically channeled through teens being trained to develop and carry out the church’s youth ministry. Adults need to take on an equipping mindset instead of an “its just easier for us to do it” mindset in order to do this. Look at the picture attached above. Inside the mind of most teens is a picture of clueless and out of touch adults. The pictures I’m describing are not always valid but they encompass the true feeling teens have toward many adults. Remember, you cannot be more relevant than youth! Having youth involved with planning and preparation as one component of their discipleship journey allows C.E. youth ministries to be effective while also being relevant.

Second, C.E. provides a structure where adults and youth build meaningful relationships. Adult coaches have the opportunity to get to know youth in the midst of guiding them. You probably know some adults that form relationships with teens easily. These people are rare. Most adults need help. C.E. provides adults a starting point. Teens plan events, chart attendance patterns, develop schedules, teach, lead groups in prayer, all as the watchful eye of an adult coach walks beside them. Adults that coach youth effectively make sure they invest time getting to know the youth outside of the youth ministry tasks. I did this as a youth worker but I also did it as a youth sports coach. Investing time outside of tasks takes relationships deeper. C.E. creates a structure making it easier for teen/adult relationships to be fostered. Relationships are pivotal as 1 Thessalonians 2:8 reminds us, “We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us.”

C.E. harnesses the relevance of youth and combines it with meaningful adult relationship. C.E. is Simple, Biblical, and Relevant . . . and is ready to help you and your church build God’s Kingdom!

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