3 Reasons Your Church Needs Christian Endeavor: Part 1 of 3

There are three reasons why your church needs Christian Endeavor. I’ll explain one in each of the next three posts. Explaining the first reason begins with three letters . . . Meh! I was introduced to this word by the older of my two lovely daughters. She was home on break, slept till Noon, then staggered downstairs looking like America’s Got Talent had a dance party in her hair. I looked at my bedraggled offspring and asked how she was doing. Her response? “Meh.” (Abrupt guttural reptilian tone.) Never had three letters in one monotonous syllable communicated such heartfelt meaning. She could have used several sentences to communicate how she felt. Instead she just said, “Meh.”

Meh is a simple word for a simple time. It simply communicates disdain, displeasure and general feelings of “get out of my face and stop smiling you ignorant, Nerf brain.” Our culture in all its complexity evidenced in technology, academic advancements and medical breakthroughs is screaming for simplicity. People have filled the open slivers in their schedules with texts, Smart phone app use, and desperate attempts at remembering everything their minds cannot recall because of life’s clutter. The drastic result of our advanced society? “Meh!!!” (Said with a sustained, almost melodious belching sound.)

Christian Endeavor started as a tool churches could use to have a simple way to introduce young people to Christ and give them clear guidance to grow as His disciple. As culture has become more complex, churches are saying, “Meh!!” to the student ministry models that require adults to do all the work while teens sit on the sideline. Churches are embracing a structure that gives them direction with simplicity. The Gospel is simple, “God demonstrated His love for us in this, while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8) Our method to reach students for Christ should be simple as well. If three letters are describing how you are feeling about life, your schedule or the youth ministry at your church . . . stop saying MEH!!!!! (This time use a rough higher pitch with sound reminiscent of your great grandmother calling you for dinner) Instead, embrace Christian Endeavor. Three words describe this ministry approach. You will read about words two and three in my next two posts. Today I leave you with the first word describing C.E. In a world of Meh!, Christian Endeavor is Simple.

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