A Voice to Hear and Obey

The Coryell Clan recently fulfilled one of the items on its “Bucket List.” Jen and I identified a few things we wanted to do with our four kids before they begin leaving the nest in a few years. One of the more challenging items was a western US trip including a stop in the Yellowstone and Teton National Parks. Following hours of driving across our great nation we arrived in the Tetons.

Several people had given advice regarding what to see and where to go in this beautiful park. Unfortunately, our time and the kid’s energy were limited so we needed to hear and obey some expert advice. We pulled the family van into the Jackson Hole visitor center just south of the Tetons. Walking inside I found a young man working for the chamber of commerce. I explained our situation including the time we had available and energy the family had left. We had hiked 10 and 7 miles on the previous days respectively. The man, who had been a ranger for seven years in this park, gave us his insight and several maps to guide our way.

All of us receive advice, some times multiple times a day. Often this advice is helpful. On a few rare occasions the advice we are given is amazing, life altering insight. The young man’s advice was in this category. We asked to see scenic non-crowded sites. We saw lakes reflecting mountains, 360-degree views, and enjoyed hikes the whole family could complete with the strength that remained. We asked for advice on where to see wildlife. By the day’s end we encountered two moose, three black bears, and two grizzlies.

We listened to stories many people shared about their trek through the Tetons. Many were disappointed by their experience because they didn’t hear and obey an expert voice.

Christian Endeavor’s heart is helping youth daily hear and obey God’s voice. God is the ultimate expert ranger. He not only created the world but also allowed His Son to take on flesh and walk upon it. Guiding people toward hearing and obeying God’s voice requires two steps. The first step is encouraging daily scripture reading.

The Coryell Clan received amazing advice from the man at the visitor center. This provided everything we needed to have a fruitful experience. God speaks to His children through His written Word, the Bible, providing a fruitful life for those who plug into His advice.

The second step is obeying. We could have listened to the ex-ranger’s advice and ignored most of what he said. Instead, we trusted his insight, experienced amazing sites, wildlife, and even an incredibly kid-friendly dinner with a pile of nachos a foot high! Youth and adults need to daily hear God’s voice speaking through the Bible and then obey what we hear Him telling us to do. Isaiah 30:21 reads, “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it.’” Wayne Grudem explains in his Systematic Theology, “Day after Day, year after year, Christians find that the words of the Bible are indeed the words of God speaking to them with an authority, a power, and a persuasiveness that no other writings possess.” Allow youth in your church to hear and obey God’s voice.

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