Blind Spot

Exceptional leaders, the very best of the best, have blind spots. Discover how to recognize your blind spots in order to more effectively lead for Jesus Christ . . .

Recently I was shown a life area where everything had changed. Everything changed except me! My intentions were pure but I had a blind spot. I was trying to lead my family in daily devotion times before school. For years this worked. We used creative prayer methods, scripture readings, singing and dancing together- we did whatever we felt would honor the Lord. It was real and it was fun! This fall the joy disappeared and devotion time became more like tooth extracting. I shared my frustration with a friend who gently asked probing questions about my family. He inquired about each family member’s relationships and activities. He also uncovered that our family is moving across town where an adjoining apartment can be built for my mother. He probed with more questions about this transition and the changes our family will make in the process. Following this questioning time, my friend explained how life was changing but I hadn’t adjusted.

I sat back in my chair dumbfounded by the simple truth revealed to me. I was 100% sure my friend’s observation was on target. How could I have been so blind? My friend affirmed me as a leader, and then explained every great leader has blind spots.

You have blind spots too. They are diminishing your kingdom impact. Be better equipped for future leadership opportunities by taking the following three steps:

Step 1 - Admit you have blind spots. This takes humility. 1 Peter 5:6 reads, “humble yourselves under God’s mighty hand and he will lift you up in due time.”

Step 2 - Ask God to show you your blind spots. The rest of the world sees something you don’t see. The Holy Spirit can reveal things you cannot see.

Step 3 - Build relationships with people who will lovingly speak truth into your life. My friend loved me enough to show me something I couldn’t see. Anger and frustration could have been my reaction, but my friend cared enough about me to share one of my blind spots anyway.

Even the most exceptional leaders have blind spots. Commit yourself to understanding your blind spots and lead “For Christ and the Church”.

Dave Coryell is Executive Director of Christian Endeavor Mid-Atlantic


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