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C.E. Mission Weeks Reaches Out to Puerto Rico

Reflection by Harry Marks, Windsor Baptist Church, Uwchland PA

Puerto Rico was a mission trip full of hard work, enjoyment, and spiritual growth. As a group, we grew close to one another and developed strong friendships.

For work, we started the first day by turning over soil to be used for sunflowers. The rest of the week was spent repairing a home. The house had water damage and holes in the ceiling. It was so wonderful to see the gratitude of the people we served.

We made many memories, such as trips to Walmart late at night for donuts and other necessities. Our evening ended with a group Bible study in the first chapter of Colossians.

The week was filled with amazing opportunities to share the gospel with others. Many people noticed our Mission Weeks t-shirts and asked if we were here to help those in need after the hurricane. We also had the opportunity to do a home visit. It was amazing to be the love of Christ in many hurt families.

Personally, I want to thank C.E. for the amazing experience this was.

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