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Christian Endeavor Works!

by Scott Pollock, Youth Pastor at Marsh Creek Church, Exton PA

It was the summer of 1989 and I accepted an invitation to my first Summer Assembly with Windsor Baptist Church. Pastor Dave Wenker was the keynote speaker for the week. Pastor Wenker’s communication style, his outward visible love for the Lord, and how he handled and delivered the scriptures in front of a room full of middle, high school, and college aged students immediately pulled me in. I will never forget how it felt like God sought me out the summer of 1989 at Summer Assembly.

Fast forward almost 21 years later and I myself had the pleasure of communicating God’s Word to a room full of middle, senior high, and college aged students at Summer Assembly. Romans 12 was our focus that week. This is a rich chapter and we had plenty to work through. My favorite, of all the verses in this chapter was, “… hate what is evil; cling to what is good.” Romans 12:9

Here is my take away from 2019 Summer Assembly: Christian Endeavor still works. As a result of the devoted work of the countless women and men who have served and currently serve, the fruit is evident. Through the intentional work of Godly women and men, students encounter God’s Word, face to face; and through the power of the Holy Spirit, they respond to God's Word. As a youth pastor and as a father, I watch first hand how our middle school and high school students wrestle with how to live out the good news of Jesus Christ on a daily basis. They tell me they are excited to return to Summer Assembly 2020 to share their experiences and charge up again for another school year of ministry. Rejoice Women and Men of God, Christian Endeavor continues to encourage students to live for Jesus.

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