Glory in the Unexpected

by Josh Good, C.E. USA - Coach and Church Development Director, World C.E. - Materials Team Co-Leader

We recently heard the story of a high school Senior from Arkansas. This story is full of passion, and some unexpected turns – all of which showcase the beauty of unleashing young people!

Harry Losh, is a kicker on the Siloam Springs High School football team. He saw a need at his school – students were missing lunch because they had negative account balances - and found a way to meet it! He decided to raise money by having people pledge donations based on the kicks he made each Friday night during football games. His goal was to raise $2,500 to help pay off negative account balances. There’s no end to the creative ways young people find to help others! We love hearing stories like this!

Sometimes the unexpected happens when young people serve. After setting up a GoFundMe page, Harry’s family found out that a new Arkansas law went into effect this year which mandates that students cannot be denied lunch, even if they have a negative balance. While these students had negative account balances, they still had the opportunity to have lunch.

So, were Harry’s efforts in vain? Absolutely not! Because he was unleashed for impact, he learned valuable life lessons which will shape his future acts of kindness, and his actions have inspired thousands of people who’ve heard about this story!

Involving young people in ministry can be messy and imperfect. Look at what a mess the disciples often made – and most of them were teenagers! Keep encouraging the young people in your lives to serve and see how God works! Harry’s GoFundMe page has already exceeded its goal as people continue to give, and they plan to still use the funds to bless students by helping them pay off their negative account balances.

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