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Incomplete: The Curriculum Fallacy

by Dr. Dave Coryell; C.E. USA - Executive Director, World C.E. - General Secretary

In my last blog, I focused on the concept of “Incomplete” and how most church discipleship efforts are missing something. As promised, here is the first of two general discipleship approaches. In this blog I’ll expose the strengths and challenges of Curriculum-based Discipleship.

Large publishing houses exist where purchased material from online stores promise incredibly comprehensive studies. There are both strengths and challenges to this incomplete model.


  • Covers solid Biblical insights.

  • Provides teaching tools or ideas.

  • Saves significant time over writing one’s own material.


  • Material normally expects perfect or close to perfect attendance in order to teach all the information.

  • Meetings occur only once or twice a week, while young people are bombarded daily with the world’s alluring messages.

  • Material is written for a general audience, not for your specific young person group

  • Cost can be prohibitive or significant.

  • Views discipleship strictly from an academic and teacher to learner aspect.

Bottom line -- discipleship is more than just attending a regular study time or youth group. Discipleship involves helping people:

  • Commit to insights that must be woven into everyday life. This requires a simple process which includes accountability steps.

  • Engage in living out their faith through meaningful service opportunities.

This is the C.E. approach - Commit, Engage, Christian, Endeavor. Combine C.E. with a tested, biblically-based curriculum and you will have a solid framework for disciple-making. Used alone, curriculum-based discipleship is incomplete.

In my next blog, I’ll explore the Family-based or Inter-generational Fallacy and why this approach is incomplete.

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