Incredible 4th and Final Mission Week of 2017!

The fourth and final Missions Week of 2017 was incredible! This week, we were joined in NC by four churches: Central Schwenkfelder Church Lansdale, West Lawn UMC, St. Mark’s UMC Mount Joy, and Honey Brook Presbyterian Church. We had about 94 individuals total, including those who worked in the kitchen, our speaker, and other staff members who worked behind the scenes.

The Worksites

Throughout the week, the four churches worked on twelve different projects across Brunswick County, both in individual homes and in community centers. Significant progress was made on all of the sites, and a few projects were even completed by the end of the week.

Central Schwenkfelder Church worked on three different sites throughout the week, with projects that included finishing work on a back deck that had been begun the previous week by Ephrata COB and building a new railing for someone’s back steps. They also worked at a local community center/food bank, which involved cleaning the bathrooms, giving the walls a fresh coat of paint, and also repainting the floor.

West Lawn UMC was also on a number of sites throughout the week, many of which involved simple, one-day jobs. Their projects included repairing a front deck and steps at two different homes, applying wood stain to a wheelchair ramp at someone’s home, and also replacing a storm door. In addition, a few members of the team spent a day power-washing the exterior of a local church and cleaning/organizing their storage shed.

St. Mark’s UMC was given three different projects for the week. These projects included bathroom work at multiple homes in order to get the bathrooms up and running. The church also continued work that First Baptist Church had begun the week before and finished up the front porch railing at one of their sites. Finally, they painted at a site that was being converted into a community center, and cleaned up the site as well.

Honey Brook Presbyterian had two sites, both of which were continuations of projects that had been begun the previous week. They completed a bathroom remodel at both sites, including installing a shower stall, a new vanity, and other amenities. They were also involved in painting one of the houses they worked at.

Other Acts of Service

In addition to their service on the worksites, a number of students were also involved in the evening sessions, both on stage and behind the scenes. It was incredible to see them using their gifts and talents to worship God!


Throughout the summer, we’ve been holding week-long competitions between the boys and girls in order to raise money for Christian Endeavor Worldwide, which serves over 30 countries globally. Over the course of the week, the teens raised $198.33 altogether, which brought our month-long total to $732.85! We’re very grateful for all of the people who chose to support the mission of Christian Endeavor, both this past week and throughout the month!

As C.E. Mission Weeks 2017 comes to a close, there are a few things we’d like to ask you to remember in prayer regarding the last four weeks.

· Pray for the students who made commitments throughout the summer that they will be able to follow through, and that their youth leaders would be able to guide them.

· Pray for those who were involved in our Share Your Faith Openly (SYFO) training each week, that they would continue to remember what they’ve learned and apply it to their daily lives.

· Pray for our staff as they wrap up the summer and readjust to life at home. We ask that you pray especially for those who will beginning their first year of college this fall as they adjust to another big change in their lives.

· Finally, we ask that you pray for C.E. as we plan and prepare for the future, including Mission Weeks 2018 and other events.

Thank you for your incredible support throughout the summer! God has certainly done great things in the past month, and we’re thankful for the encouragement we’ve received.


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