Missed The Memo in South Korea

You’ve probably heard the phrase “I missed the memo.” It refers to a person caught in a situation where everyone appears to be prepared except you. I enjoyed the last week in South Korea at the Christian Endeavor World Convention. Three thousand people attended. Lifetime memories were made. Exciting experiences were encountered. God brought blessings in plain view and in disguise.

One blessing was being informed that I had been nominated and accepted as a second term board member for World Christian Endeavor. The challenge was sitting in the closing worship session and finding out the new board was being announced on stage at the session’s end. I started looking around the room. One by one I spied other board members. Virtually every person was wearing a jacket and tie. I had “Missed the Memo!” I didn’t know this was happening. I looked down with dismay at my polo shirt, khaki shorts and tennis shoes. I could have dressed up, but I chose to be prepared for our three-hour bus ride and return trip to Seoul.

I was embarrassed because I “Missed the Memo.” It made for some great laughs with friends in person and virtually through Facebook. The experience reminds me about how important it is to be prepared. I’m not talking about carrying a utility knife in my pocket or duct tape, tools, and jumper cables in my car trunk (though I regularly do these things). I’m describing the importance of the memo all people receive through the Holy Spirit’s yearning to follow Him. Those who respond to Jesus Christ through this yearning will have eternal life that begins today. Matthew 25:1-13 describes ten women who needed to get oil for their lamps. Five traveled to take care of this important task before the bridegroom would arrive. The other five decided to put off their responsibility until later. The latter five hadn’t received the memo describing how the bridegroom frowned upon people not being prepared. The five women with oil in their lamps entered into the banquet, where the others arrived too late and were left outside.

In our day-to-day life, “Missing the Memo” brings embarrassment to ourselves and often to those close to us. “Missing the Memo” spiritually leaves a person unprepared to accept eternal life. It is a joy to work with Christian Endeavor as we and many other Christian ministries share the “Memo” so that people can embrace the invitation Jesus has given to be with Him forever.


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