Mission Weeks Week 2 is in Full Swing in West Virginia!

Our teams are hard at work in the community, and we’re excited to share what they’re doing.

For Week 2, we’re joined by two churches: Sanctuary UMC North Wales and Akron Grace E.C. Church. Altogether, we have about 44 volunteers, including those overseeing the worksites and taking care of other tasks back at our “home base” in Oak Hill.

The Projects

There are four projects being worked on this week, three of which are continuations of Week 1 projects. Both churches are split between two sites each, and so far, they’ve made a lot of progress!

Akron Grace’s first worksite is a continuation of the drywall project from the previous week. Now that the drywall is up, spackled, and sanded, they’ve been hard at work painting the walls and ceilings. They’ve also been painting the exterior of the house yellow. When those projects are completed, they plan to put down vinyl flooring and work on some other projects around the site. At Akron Grace’s other worksite, they are continuing to work on the trailer. Now that the wheelchair ramp and back steps have been built, they are working on building more permanent supports for the trailer.

Sanctuary UMC is continuing the project that Millport Mennonite began last week. For the most part, they’re working on the bathroom in the house, which will involve them replacing what was removed by last week’s group. Sanctuary has taken charge of a new worksite, which involves removing old drywall and replacing it, but there are a few other projects as well, such as painting the exterior of the house.

Prayer Requests

As our teams reach the halfway point in their workweek, we ask that you continue to pray for them, especially that they would have safety on the worksites and that they would have opportunities to witness to the homeowners and the other people they come into contact with. We also ask that you pray for our summer staff as they prepare to travel to North Carolina on Saturday for Weeks 3 and 4.

Thank you for your support and prayers, and stay tuned for our full Week 2 summary in a few days!


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