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More Than Expected: A Trip to Lebanon, Indonesia and The Netherlands

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

by Dr. Dave Coryell, C.E. USA - Executive Director, World C.E. - General Secretary

Most parents or caregivers enter into child-raising with a sense of hope and expectation. All seem to have more than a few “war stories” to share about what they did well and where they failed miserably. By God’s grace my wife, Jen, and I managed to support four children with our youngest now reaching the age of 15. In good moments I thought I was born to parent; in really bad moments I wish I hadn’t been born!

One positive step we tried to instill into the minds of our children was the importance of living out Biblical honor. We heard Biblical honor defined as:

  1. treating other people special

  2. doing it with a good attitude

  3. doing more than what was expected

The third component often provided the greatest challenge. It required both listening to another person’s heart to understand the expectation and then conquering self-pride, sloth or various other vices to rise above those expectations.

Recently, I traveled to Lebanon for the second time, The Netherlands, Indonesia and Florida. God, by His amazing grace, did way more than I expected. I am not sure why I deserved to be honored by God in this way, but I am thankful and I want to pass what I experienced on to you in this series of blogs.

I really enjoy your questions and comments. Thanks to those who have been following C.E.'s blogs!

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