Selfie Stuck: Part 1 of 5

We are “Selfie Stuck”. Our self-centeredness as a global community has pervaded our habits, how media reaches us and how products are marketed to satiate our personal thirsts. It even pervades our attempts at practicing godliness. Specifically we will look at how our Selfie Stuck attitude impacts our prayers. (Prayer is the first of five Christian Endeavor practices.)

The next time you pray; ask yourself who will benefit if God answers YES. Are you praying for your benefit or for God and His Kingdom? Are your prayers Selfie Stuck?

I was exiting the morning worship service and was in conversation with my Mother-in-Law about an injury my older son, Ben, had endured through sports. She shared she would begin praying for Ben but wanted to make sure she prayed in such a way that the result would impact the Kingdom. This thought was intriguing so we continued to discuss her thoughts. She explained one of the things she was learning is that her prayers had become focused on benefiting herself. She wanted the results of her prayers to benefit God and His Kingdom. Wow!!!! Think about the ramifications of taking this one simple step- Ask who will benefit if God answers my prayer with a YES!

Think about the items on your prayer list. (If you don’t have a prayer list it may be helpful for you!) Here is one example:

“God, please help my friend’s back.” Why? Because he is my friend and I want him to have help? Because we will be able to workout at the gym together again? These aren’t bad outcomes, but what happens if I say “Lord, please heal my friend’s back. Allow this to be done in such a way that will make your name great. Grow your Kingdom and may you receive the glory for doing this. May my friend experience incredible happiness and be careful to return all the praise to you.”

Apply this same approach to personal financial needs, issues with relationships or even societal needs such as elections, natural disasters, church budgets and more. This prayer method is not a formula; it is an attitude. Focusing ourselves on God and building His Kingdom is our goal. The Bible’s book of Matthew in chapter 6 verse 10 is in a section teaching us about prayer. It says it so well, “your Kingdom come, your will be done”. Don’t allow your prayers to be Selfie Stuck!

The next time you pray, ask yourself who will benefit if God answers your prayer just as you prayed it. Are you praying for your benefit or God’s?

(Part One of the series relating to the Christian Endeavor practices- Pray, Study, Serve, Share, Worship.)

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