Selfie Stuck: Part 5 of 5

I believe that our culture is “Selfie Stuck.” People are increasingly moving themselves and their interests to the center of their world. Those who choose to follow Christ have been swept along with the cultural current. As believers in Christ swim up the culture’s river, hundreds of daily messages compete to pull them toward deeper selfishness. During the last four posts the focus has been to Pray (part 1), Study (part 2), Serve (part 3) and Share (part 4). Today the focus turns to Worship.

Our culture worships every single day. The nature of being culturally “selfie-stuck” demonstrates this point. When a person worships something, full devotion and admiration is given to the object being worshiped. A survey by the Huffington Post in November 2014 found that the cosmetics industry brings in $55 billion annually. June 2013 from the same source found $671 is being spent per parent per child for youth sports. This amounts to a $5 billion industry. We could continue this discussion and scrutinize everything from house wares to pet products. The point is that we know all about worship in our culture. We demonstrate worship by placing our most valued possessions on an altar daily. We give our time, talents and treasure to the things receiving our devotion. It is so easy to get sucked into a place where we believe in God- Father, Son and Holy Spirit- but give all we value to lesser “gods”.

Psalm 95 beckons for people to worship. Verses 2-3 read, “Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song. For the Lord is the great God, the great King above all gods.” As this year comes to a close, I encourage you to join me in the following worship challenge. Pull out your calendar and pull up your bank statement (hard copy or online). Imagine you are an outside person studying these two documents. What would the person say that you worship? You will try to justify your choices in several ways. Before you allow this to happen, ask God to speak to you. In my opinion it isn’t dishonoring God to buy cosmetics or pay for youth sports, but ask yourself where your heart lies. What are you quicker to put on your calendar? What will you more quickly spend money upon? Worship regularly with a group of people who continually challenge you to invest your life and yourself in God.

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