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The “Complete” 2020 Discipleship Guide - The Future

by Dr. Dave Coryell; C.E. USA - Executive Director, World C.E. - General Secretary

In the FIRST BLOG of this series, we looked at the statistic that only 49% of Millennials would identify themselves as Christian. This is the first time in American history that the percentage fell below 50%. We explored what that means for our attempts at discipleship.

The SECOND BLOG outlined 4 steps of “Complete” discipleship; 1) Admit that you are not OK, 2) See Discipleship as a communal journey, 3) Involve Active, Passive and Reflective Individual and Communal Growth, and 4) Check Your Progress.

Today we come to Christian Endeavor. This is where people expect to read that this is the perfect model and process. No . . . I wrote in my last blog that “There is no ‘Complete’ Discipleship model.” I believe if I lined up pastors from ten thousand churches and had them each describe their needs in their setting, that C.E. would strengthen every single one of their discipleship efforts. Yes, I know that is a bold claim, but it would help every single one! Contact me for a conversation if you want to test my theory.

However, implementing the C.E. model at a church does not make its efforts complete! C.E. does not provide a curriculum. C.E. does not provide a detailed spiritual development plan for the pastor or youth worker. What C.E. does provide, is a Biblical discipleship process reminding people of where their approach to following Christ is incomplete. C.E. helps people check their discipleship progress every day, in a belonging community, as part of a network that stretches across thirty-five countries.

It is time to turn the tide. Generation Z young people are sitting in our churches’ youth and young adult ministries today. We do not have to lose another generation. Unsure how to proceed? Let us at Christian Endeavor guide you as you champion the cause of Christ with young people in your church!

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