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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

by Dr. Dave Coryell; C.E. USA - Executive Director, World C.E. - General Secretary

When I visited Bavaria last year, on one night I asked a group of forty German people the following question, “In how many countries do you know someone well enough that you could have a conversation about their church youth ministry and using Christian Endeavor?” The group wrote the names of eighty different countries on a white board. We already have the contacts to see C.E. grow around the world, we just need to equip the workers and send out the teams!

During the last two blogs I shared about C.E.’s “Hippo to Honeybee” metaphor. It’s a metaphor which describes the heartbeat of C.E. - to see young people live as Creators rather than Consumers by committing their lives to Him through the pledge and engaging their faith through meaningful service. Next I explained two of the five steps necessary to carry out an aggressive growth strategy. Here are the three final growth strategy steps.


In thirty-five countries I have been challenging churches to equip and unleash young people to build God’s Kingdom. This attitude and effort must be embraced by local churches and regional/state unions, so they are prepared to reach out. Remember, imagine the impact! Envision young people equipped for this great work.


People may need to be trained in other parts of your town, state, neighboring state, country or even world-wide. We need teams to be equipped and sent. During 2019 the Vice President for C.E. in Africa, Dr. Joseph Adeosun, equipped a team of young missionaries in Nigeria who then traveled to neighboring Benin Republic where fifty pastors learned the C.E. principles and process.


I received an email from an eighteen year old German man named Philip. He heard me speak at Osterkonferenz in Gunzenhausen and then again, a week later in his city. Philip’s message was that he wanted to financially support the ministry with a monthly gift and be involved in any way that he could to help World C.E. Will you join Philip’s example and financially support the worldwide effort to unleash young people for Christ and the Church? God has been doing incredible work through Christian Endeavor. New resources have been developed and contacts from new regions or people groups are being equipped. The vision of the World C.E. board is to see the General Secretary position return to full time. Currently the position is part time, and half of the compensation is raised through missionary support. Along with this, a second person who is close to one quarter time also raises nearly half of his support. Together we can meet this need and see God’s kingdom grow through the effort. Will you partner with Christian Endeavor to help make this happen?

Take the 5 Steps: Imagine the Impact - Pray - Equip Workers - Send out Teams - Fund the Mission. Partner with C.E. and see youth transform from consuming Hippos into a growing thriving hive of creating Honeybees!

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