Unfiltered! The air was so thick I could taste it. Yesterday as I walked Beijing’s streets the air quality was rated 321. Consider what the “air quality” rating is for your spiritual life? In the US any rating above forty breaks the law and throws people into utter panic. Unfortunately, industry grew so fast in China’s capital that the concern was for growth and boosting the economy without concern for the inevitable environmental results. Unfiltered! It is believed that the long-term health results for these people will be devastating.

Let’s consider the long-term result of an unfiltered spiritual life. Every day thousands of messages thrust themselves onto the screens, pages and billboards of our lives. It is virtually impossible to avoid the visual traps the world daily sets to snare our hearts and minds pulling them toward deeper depravity. Though these traps are waiting to snatch our attention and pollute our souls we do not have to choose an unfiltered life. The importance of beginning each day with reading God’s Word and praying to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit has never been as critical. This practice does not eliminate the pollutants waiting to impact our spiritual lungs, but it gives us a filter through which to bring protection.

Consider whether you need to be cleansed. What pollutants have your unfiltered life allowed to build inside of you? What steps can you take toward purity? How can you follow God’s command written by Peter in 1 Peter 1:16 to “be holy because I am holy” while reducing the unfiltered days that lie ahead?

I’ve enjoyed my time in China. I have learned a great deal spiritually as well as numerous leadership lessons, but I am eager to return to air that will treat my body more kindly.

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