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Wake Up and Rise!

by Dr. Dave Coryell; C.E. USA - Executive Director, World C.E. - General Secretary

Wake Up!!!!! I had just returned from a forty hour plane trip. For one week my internal clock adjusted to be fifteen hours ahead of my normal time zone so now my body did not know where it was. My phone alarm began ringing. It was yelling, “Wake Up and Rise!” I yelled back at it- “NO!!” I wanted to throw my phone out the window! I was so tired that I felt like a Hippo was sitting on my head. It was impossible to focus but after extreme effort I stood up. Everyone needs sleep in order to function. Without proper sleep our body cannot grow or heal. Lack of sleep also causes us to lack the ability to cope with stress, show empathy to others, or just be a nice person to be around. Sleep is critical to life, but each day we also need to WAKE UP and Rise!!

Romans 13:11-12 tell us to Wake Up and Rise. Specifically we are supposed to awake so we can go into the streets and alleys of our communities finding people we can love in Jesus’ name. The passage goes on to remind us that Christ is coming, so put aside actions that detract from a God-honoring witness and “put on the armor of light”. I recently was in Salzburg, Austria and rode a funicular (small train) to the ancient castle overlooking the city. Once inside I walked though the gate and Entered the castle’s museum. I admired the armor suits safely displayed behind glass. Armor suits were worn to repel enemy blows from swords, arrows and other warfare weapons. These suits seemed so useless behind a shelter. We wear the armor of light because journeying in the world as a Christian means certain ridicule and strife will be coming. We need to put on this armor and then boldly advance for the cause of Christ and His Church!

During C.E. Prayer Week I exhort you to remember the C.E. pledge. “Trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ, I endeavor to live for Him boldly.” This first line tells us to Wake Up and Rise! Specifically, you can do this daily by living out the five C.E. practices every day throughout this week- Pray, Study, Serve, Share, Worship.

God bless you as you embrace the practices of the C.E. pledge/promise. May you Engage a world in need of Jesus Christ and His Church. Peace!

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