Week 2 Teams did Fantastic Work in West Virginia & Mexico!

The Mexico team had a wonderful week working in the community! The volunteers worked on various service projects and also helped run a Vacation Bible School program in the evenings. Although there were a few bumps in the road, all of the volunteers and C.E. staff made it back home safely!

In West Virginia, the teams also made significant progress on their projects in Fayette County. Sanctuary UMC was able to complete a lot of the bathroom remodeling project, and they also made progress in replacing the drywall at their other worksite.

Akron Grace painted both the interior and exterior of the house at one of their worksites, and the homeowners were also able to join our volunteers for dinner on Thursday. They were met with a few issues at their other worksite where the wheelchair ramp was being built, but in spite of that, they completed a lot of tasks.

When not working, the West Virginia teams enjoyed going bowling, hanging out at Wendy’s with some discounted Frostys, and playing sports in the gym. There was a great sense of community among our two churches this week, and we’re thankful for all those who were able to be a part of it.

As with the first week, we once again collected an offering for World C.E. This week our volunteers raised $135.01! Thank you to all who were willing to support the mission of Christian Endeavor!

As we begin Week 3 in North Carolina, we ask that you keep a few specific things in prayer:

· Pray for the students who made commitments last week that they would stick by them and also receive encouragement from their youth leaders or other mentors.

· Pray for those who joined us for our “Share Your Faith Openly” (SYFO) training that they would have the courage to spread the gospel to the people they meet in their daily lives.

· Pray for our staff, especially those returning from Mexico as they readjust to their roles in North Carolina

· Pray that our Week 3 volunteers would have an impact for Christ on the community they are serving in NC

Thank you for your support and your prayers! We greatly appreciate it. Stay tuned for Week 3 Updates!


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