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Hippos to Honeybees
Starter Kit

You've working to disciple your students less like hippos and more like honeybees. Congrats! We're excited to walk with you as you go beyond providing a youth ministry - to deeply, intentionally and successfully empowering youth IN ministry. This page gives you access to the five TRAINING VIDEOS included in the Hippos to Honeybees Starter Kit.

But we didn't stop there. We know that each step of moving from hippos to honeybees discipleship will inspire more ideas, thoughts and questions. There may be a step where you're asking, "ok...but how do I do that? I want to learn more!" After each video,
we've included links to other CE resources which explore that step in even more detail. These aren't required reading, but they're an opportunity to take a deeper dive into the step which most applies to your youth ministry right now!


Step 1 - Take a Look at Your Zoo

Step #1 - Take a Look at Your Zoo.

Take time to "look at your zoo" by evaluating the foundation and direction of the youth ministry. What is driving the programs you lead and events you run? What is your goal for the youth ministry, and what steps are you taking to reach that goal? Being thoughtful and intentional about how we're approaching discipleship, ministry and leadership is crucial.

This first video invites you to wrestle with the question "what is discipleship?" Use this video, along with the processing questions and other resources from Step #1 of your Starter Kit to strengthen your youth ministry foundation for increased growth, stability and impact!