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Use Your Passion, Time, and Talent for Kingdom Impact This Summer!

Site director

Purpose: Oversee anywhere from 2 to 4 job sites during a week of camp. Assist with supply deliveries, answering any technical questions to fulfill projects, engage with both campers and community members. Share the task with youth workers in encouraging young people to tackle challenging and appropriate projects while also encouraging the nurture of conversations with home owners.

Skills: Advanced home repair (ideally basics in plumbing, electrical, and carpentry).

Time commitment: At least 1week of Mission weeks


Site Coordinator

Purpose: Ensure job sites are allocated to groups and assigned to Site Directors. In charge of coordinating supplies to sites and oversee any projects that require additional help. Ability to grasp the importance of building relationship with homeowners while connecting young people to challenging and appropriate projects.

Skills: Advanced home repair (ideally basics in plumbing, electrical, and carpentry).

Time commitment: At least 1 week of Mission Weeks

Hospitality team member

Purpose: Aid the Food Coordinator with general cooking, food preparation, and baking. Follows the lead of the kitchen coordinator and acts as another set of hands to help with meal prep and setup for breakfasts and dinners. Recognizes they are on the frontlines of the encouragement team to uplift tired Mission Week participants who are working long days. 

Skills: Ability to follow direction and willingness to work under the guidance of a team lead. No cooking or baking skills necessary!

Time commitment: At least 1 week of Mission Weeks


office team member

Purpose: Aid the CE staff with office paperwork, general administrative items (distributing addresses for job sites, potentially taking supplies to job sites, supporting site coordinator and/or directors), helping with coordination of tasks, supply runs, etc. This person has a positive attitude to jump in wherever needed and looks to cheerfully meet the needs of campers no matter the request.

Skills: Ability to follow direction from C.E. staff.

Time commitment: At least 1 week of Mission Weeks

Mission week assistant Director

Purpose: Be the point person that provides spiritual, logistical and motivational energy to the camp experience. The Camp Director handles any issues that arise during camp, is someone who is comfortable handling confrontation, and can navigate church leader relations.

Skills: Knows the C.E. model, understands effective youth ministry, grasps the Mission Weeks setup and style, can communicate clearly with C.E. staff of any potential issues requiring staff involvement.

Time commitment: At least 1 week of Mission Weeks


kitchen director

Purpose: Ensure that all Mission Weeks participants are take care of in their physical hunger so that they can meet the needs of the spiritual and physical needs of the communities we serve. The Kitchen Director will create menus for the week(s) of service and order & procure all food items and supplies. They will work with the Hospitality team members to prep & serve per week of service: 6 breakfasts, 4 dinner meals & prep 5 lunches for teams to pack.


Skills: Must have ServSafe® Certification training, general cooking, food preparation and backing skills, ability to work with a team of volunteers. T


Time Commitment: At least 1 week of Mission Weeks

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