Christian Endeavor Essentials

Many people see Children’s, Youth and Young Adult Ministry as essential. We instead see essentials in these ministries! A solid foundation based upon God, His teaching in the Bible and prayer is critical. Christian Endeavor’s Essentials cover areas that are vital for healthy and effective Children’s, Youth and Young Adult Ministry.


Essential 1: POSITION

Christian Endeavor takes a non-negotiable stand on the three following statements:

  • Spiritual Potential of Youth

    • 1 Tim. 4:11-16, Rom. 8:5-11, 2 Tim. 1:14, 1 Cor. 3:16

    • God has put incredible spiritual potential inside of every young person. Unfortunately, this potential often remains undiscovered and underdeveloped. Christian Endeavor is an intentional process that allows the spiritual potential of youth to be unleashed for God’s glory!


  • Lordship of Christ and Authority of Scripture

    • Col. 1:15-20, John 1:1-2, 2 Tim. 3:16, 2 Pet. 1:20-21

    • Growing in faith requires belief in Christ as Savior and complete submission to Him as Lord. Half-hearted devotion won’t cut it! In addition, Christian Endeavor believes that the Bible, as the inspired word of God, is the guiding lens in understanding ourselves, our relationships, experiences and our purpose.


  • Relationship to the Church and the Pastor

    • Heb. 10:19-25, Eph. 4:11, Heb. 13:7,17

    • The Church is God’s method for advancing His Kingdom here on earth. Christian Endeavor exists “for Christ and the Church”, positioning young people to understand how to ‘be the church’ and to be the ‘right hand of the Pastor’ in advancing the unique mission of their local church body.


Essential 2: PRINCIPLES

C.E. has stood on four Biblical Principles since its beginning:

1. UP Confessing Christ as Lord and Savior begins the UP relationship. First, this step involves believing that God created the world and the universe, humans sinned and caused separation between themselves and God, the people of Israel lived as God’s people demonstrating victory and failure in a broken world, Christ died to restore the brokenness fulfilling this need for Israel and all others who accept what He did, He rose from the dead conquering sin, and finally, that Jesus is coming back again. This is confessing the story of Christ and claiming it as our story. Second, confession of Christ involves sharing our story and how it is now part of His story with other people.

2. IN Loyalty to Christ’s church begins with loyalty to Christ. Accepting Christ invites Him to enter IN, in to a person’s life reordering their thoughts, actions, dreams and priorities toward loyalty to Christ. The natural extension of this attitude leaves a person drawn like metal transfixed by a magnet pull toward community engagement. Community found in church relationship always has struggles and imperfections, but those loyal to Christ are compelled toward loyalty to His church as it is God’s vehicle to share Christ’s story with the world.

3. OUT Stare at Jesus’ life! Christian Endeavor develops children and youth trained to touch the world’s brokenness with the victory they know in Christ. Children and youth do this through their unique God-given gifts and the collective gifts God provides to the church. They use these gifts in unique ways to go OUT and build God’s kingdom.

4. WITH Christ has risen! He is alive! Every Christian church from every background agreeing that the Bible is God’s authoritative Word understands this message. Each Christian Endeavor Group demonstrates loyalty to its own church while encouraging fellowship opportunities WITH other churches.





The Christian Endeavor Pledge challenges young people to commit their hearts and lives to Christ (Mark 12:30). This pledge or promise is at the center of Christian Endeavor. Churches choosing to use Christian Endeavor experience the greatest success when all the C.E. components are applied. The most important component is the pledge.


“Trusting the Lord Jesus Christ for strength, I endeavor to live for Him boldly and make it the practice of my life to: pray and study God’s Word daily, serve others freely, share my faith openly, worship God in my church regularly, and humbly lead His cause for my generation.”

Essential 4: PRACTICES

Drawn from the pledge/promise, Christian Endeavor encourages youth and young adults to develop five practices/daily habits. These are not to be understood as striving to earn our salvation, but as a means of continually orienting our lives and our focus on the grace of God.

PRAY every day

STUDY God's Word daily

SERVE others freely

SHARE your faith openly

WORSHIP with your church regularly