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Youth today - Healthy Rhythms, Lasting Impact (2020#9, emailed 12/10/2020)

Meet our new team member and check out the great impact you made during GivingTuesday! 

Welcome Gloria, Providing Encouragement & Focus, World C.E. Training in Peru, Prayer Week 2021, Subscription Packages, "Clarify Your Vision" podcast, New logo revealed, 2020 Impact Report, GivingTuesday Goal Surpassed!, Online Learning Platform, PayPal Give at Checkout.

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Youth today - Healthy Rhythms, Lasting Impact (2020#8, emailed 11/12/2020)

NEW subscription packages will be rolling out soon - see how this could impact your youth ministry! New church connection, Giving Tuesday, World C.E. Reconnected in Bangladesh, Summer Assembly @Home, "Fight Our Battles" new podcast link, Golf Tournament thanks sponsors!

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Youth today - Healthy Rhythms, Lasting Impact (2020#7, emailed 10/7/2020)

Another new translation for core materials, new podcast, new hippo and much NEW going on with Christian Endeavor! Vision Night video, Conestoga Christian School training, World C.E. board meeting, World C.E. Convention, FCA Community Gathering, C.E. Materials in Nepali, New Hippo & Bee, and the New Podcast link. 

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Youth today - Healthy Rhythms, Lasting Impact (2020#6, emailed 9/10/2020)

C.E. materials have been translated! See the latest language addition to our resources! E.C. Consultations, Vision Night preview, USA board meeting, Forward Steps, and Register for October Golf Outing.

You'll find all this in our latest edition of Youth Today...just tap the link!

Intentional NextGen Discipleship (2020#5, emailed 8/13/2020)

Denominational Partnership, Fall Ministry Kits, New Connections, New Podcast Episodes, Mission Weeks @Home, Our God is Bigger, and Loving Gifts.

You'll find this and much more in our latest edition of Youth Today...just tap the link!


Youth Today - Healthy Rhythms, Lasting Impact (2020#4, emailed 7/9/2020)

Here's what you'll find in the most recent edition of Youth Today! *Coming Soon...resources to help create Healthy Rhythms and Lasting Impact in the lives of young people! *Both Dr. Dave and Josh contributed devotions to the "Family Table Talk" series offered by CPYU. *C.E. has taken part in networking opportunities, both world-wide and within the United States. *Find a link to today's podcast drop! Tim Sanger shares about the significant ways that youth ministry has changed over time. Pastor Tim is a 30 year youth ministry veteran and Pastor of Student Ministries at Community Evangelical Church in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania.

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Discover How C.E. is Unleashing Youth! (2020#3, emailed 6/11/20) Check out the exciting new school partnership with Conestoga Christian School in Morgantown PA! Learn about this and much more, including Re-Opening Assessment Questions, World Meetings go Virtual, Opportunities @Home for Mission Weeks and Summer Assembly, and New Podcast Episodes.
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Discover What's New with Youth Today (2020#2, emailed 5/14/2020) including C.E.'s new podcast "Unleash the Hive", "Thrive in Crisis" video message, personal story how Christian Endeavor Works, 3 Resources for Youth Group Online, and rescheduled Golf Tournament info.

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Youth Today - Our most recent issue (2020#1, emailed 3/31/2020) includes Prayer Week, a personal story from a high school senior, and C.E. growth!
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Fall 2019 - C.E. Mission Weeks Reaches Out to Puerto Rico, Strengthening Friendships Through Work, Swinging into Action at Golf Tournament, Thank You Summer Ministry Partners, How Much Does a Hippo Eat Every Day?, Students Prepare for Prayer Week, Longstanding C.E. Legacy in Pohnpei Micronesia, Benefiting From Fresh Ideas, Youth and Young Adults Unleashed in Haiti, Core Materials and Fall Ministry Kits Making an Impact Locally and Around the Globe, DC's News Flash

Spring 2019 - Inaugural Patriot Way Run/Walk, Mission Weeks Solo No More, Global Prayer Week 2019, Connect With Us!, Transformed SA2019, C.E.'s Growing Global Impact, Deep Unleashing, Loving Gifts, 28th World C.E. Convention Reflection, Help Christian Endeavor Thrive, Don't Miss the upcoming Annual Golf Tournament, DC's News Flash