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Josh joined the Christian Endeavor team in 2018 after working as a Youth Pastor for over a decade. He has a deep passion for encouraging and equipping youth workers and empowering students to live for Christ. 

As a Youth Pastor, Josh implemented CE's discipleship process in his local church. C.E. provided the framework and foundation for the youth ministry that yielded powerful results for the Kingdom & God's glory. Through this experience, Josh was able to see his students grow deeper in their faith, take on responsibility and leadership roles within the youth ministry, and be empowered to live boldly for Christ every moment of every day. 


As Ministry Director for CE, Josh helps churches establish an intentional and effective discipleship strategy for their youth ministry. He works closely with youth leaders, providing coaching, insight and encouragement. In addition, Josh is involved in creating and writing new youth ministry resources for CE. He also regularly speaks at youth retreats and conferences throughout the US.

In addition to his ministry role, Josh enjoys spending time with his wife Justine and four kids (who are entering the teen years!) drinking coffee and smiling like crazy. When you connect with Josh, be sure to keep an ear out for his classic catchphrase, "so good!"


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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