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5 Steps to Honor God & Strengthen Your Mental Health

Fill Your Tank: You have an emotional “gas tank” that needs to be filled. According to Gary Chapman in his book “The Five Love Languages” some people need kind words/notes, small gifts, time with people, kind acts done for them, or appropriate physical touch (hugs, pat on the back). Covid19 has eliminated some of these which has left people feeling empty. Know what makes you feel loved and cared for. Don’t be afraid to share this with family and friends.

Know Your Stress Relievers: We were not designed to be under constant stress. We were made to say, “There is the bear, run!!” Some of you have been “running” for months during the pandemic. Discover what allows you to release stress or blow off steam- prayer, physical exercise, talking to a friend, memorizing key scriptures. Share this with those close to you so they can encourage you to do these activities even when you lack motivation.

Be Kind to Yourself: Eat well even when emotionally depleted, go to bed close to the same time every day turning off blue lights (phones, tablets, computers, TV’s) between one and two hours before bed, go to sleep at a reasonable time for health purposes as well as realizing that fatigue can allow conquered bad habits to resurface, and exercise.

Make Connections: Everything inside you may want to curl up in a corner or sit binge watching the latest show or scrolling through TikTok. You need relationships to strengthen your mental health. This happens with God through Prayer, Study if the Bible, Serving other people, Sharing about Christ with others and Worshipping God with other people. It also happens with people as you reach out and connect with them.

Focus On Today: You have many decisions to make which compounds the stress you are feeling. You cannot avoid the big decisions you have to make forever. Animals dig holes and crawl into holes to escape their challenges, but eventually they need to emerge and work to survive. You might be having a bad enough day that you just need to get through today. Your challenges will still be present tomorrow, but you will be able to face them much better when you have had enough sleep, time to process what is happening, and had the opportunity to pray and seek the wisdom of people you trust.

5 Steps to Honor God & Strengthen Your Mental Health
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