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Creative Prayer Starters

Creative Prayer Starters

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This resource lays out over fifty simple and creative prayer ideas. Many require little to no preparation time. Use these to jumpstart your creativity in how you open large and small group gatherings and increase your ability to connect with different learning styles. Utilize these ideas as a creative starting point. Adjust them as needed to connect with your specific group.


The vast majority of young people today do not feel challenged spiritually. The level of expectation typically placed on them is incredibly low - and this has been true since youth ministry began. These prayer starters are designed especially as a way of training young people to lead others in prayer. Prayer doesn’t have to be stale, routine, and half-hearted. These ideas will help young people bring life and creativity when they are asked to participate in prayer times.


Early adolescents are still extremely concrete in their thinking. That means they have trouble conceptualizing items that they cannot hold and touch. Asking them to be in touch with an almighty God that they don't understand or see can be a challenge. Bringing these youth deeper one step at a time can provide encouragement and hope. Allow them to thank God the Creator for making things like people, colors, and animals. Gradually move toward more abstract concepts like saying thanks for skills and opportunities by allowing them to start with one word prayer answers, then short phrases, and eventually entire sentences or statements.

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