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Stand Firm

Stand Firm

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Young people are faced with incredible challenges as they seek to live boldly for Christ. Social media & smartphones offer information overload and perpetual distraction. Divisiveness & polarization continue to trend upward. Isolation & anxiety are all too common.


In this cultural landscape, teens can feel ill-prepared and ill-equipped to take a stand for Christ. To be able to truly stand firm in their faith, young people need a robust understanding of the nature of suffering, trust, purpose, relationships and identity.


This short resource provides a practical strategy to train students and strengthen their ability to STAND FIRM. Using 1 Peter as a framework, you'll help students:

- Identify areas in their lives ('experiences, encounters & events') where they have the opportunity to stand firm.

- Ask critical questions about what it means to stand firm in these areas (using CE's "S.T.A.N.D." framework).

- Develop practical and measurable actions students can take to stand for Christ in every area of their lives.

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