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Forward Steps

Forward Steps

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7 Challenges to Take Youth Deeper


Great confusion exists on Saturday night at a retreat, toward the end of a great week of camp, or during other key youth ministry moments. At these times, youth workers can question what step young people should be asked to take and how should this be done.


The reality is that the people attending your gathering are not at the same place spiritually. Offering several direct challenges provides multiple ways for people to decide what God is calling them to do. 


Forward Steps is designed to help adults lovingly invite young people to take a Forward Step for Christ. As you challenge the young people God has placed in your care, they will begin to see themselves, their community, and their purpose in an entirely new light! This has the potential to revolutionize their daily walk with Christ and the impact of your ministry!


Practical Use Tip: Groups will rarely present all seven challenges at the same time. Instead, prayerfully ask the Lord to guide you or the event planning team to decide how many of the Forward Steps a message or series will be geared toward. Then, use the tools in this resource to effectively present the appropriate steps.

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