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Small Group Leader Manual

Small Group Leader Manual

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Small groups are incredibly powerful aspects of youth ministry! These gatherings are where relationships are formed, doubts are aired, questions are explored and where faith takes on deeper meaning.


But let's be real: leading these small groups? It's not always a walk in the park. In fact, it can feel more like stumbling through a dark room looking for the light switch. Without proper training and tools, even the most well-intentioned leaders can feel lost in the sea of group dynamics and discussions. If you've ever felt the weight of responsibility in leading small groups, unsure if you have what it takes to guide meaningful discussions and foster spiritual growth, you're not alone. 


That's why we created this Small Group Leader Training Manual. Whether you're a seasoned adult volunteer or a student leader stepping into leading a small group for the first time, this is your starting point for building confidence and competence in your role. We understand the unique challenges and pressures that come with guiding discussions that matter, and we're here to help you navigate them with grace and skill.


Inside this resource, you'll find practical insights and proven techniques for leading small groups. 

🌟 the purpose and main goal of small groups

🌟13 essential skills for every small group leader to master

🌟 10 traits every small group leader can grow in

🌟 7 dynamics to watch out for in your small group

🌟 sample expectation list (rules) for small groups

🌟 small group leader check-in/training questions

🌟 small group leader lifestyle contract

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