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Four Sessions


Equip the Next Generation to Work Together.


Americans are the most individualistic people the world has ever known. We are wired to think about our own needs, meet our own needs, and join together with others only when we cannot meet our needs . . . on our own!


God purposefully designs His people so that no one has all the needed gifts or abilities required to survive and thrive. People cannot fulfill their reason for living without intentional teamwork. This reality causes a clash within those that are individually wired!


WE>ME guides young people toward understanding and unlocking the power God places inside teams. This growth material positions them to effectively lead ministry WITH others while growing in their relationship with Christ. Specifically, WE>ME looks to prepare young people to serve within the Christian Endeavor T.E.A.M. Work model. (These young people have made a commitment to live out the C.E. Pledge and are now being prepared to actively engage their faith through meaningful service.)

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