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Empower Youth IN Ministry Through CE's Discipleship Strategy

CE is a youth discipleship strategy that equips churches to disciple young people. We've been supporting the next generation for over 140 years and currently CE exists across 24 US states and in 50 countries worldwide. Through our tiered membership options, find the level of support, resourcing and connection that's right for your ministry!

Select your Membership with CE

  • Tier 1

    Free Membership
    Free Plan
    • CE Discipleship Strategy
    • CE Staff Support
    • Global Network Connection
  • Tier 2

    Every year
    • CE Discipleship Strategy
    • CE Staff Support
    • Global Network Connection
    • Hippos to Honeybees Starter Kit
    • One 30 Minute One on One Consultation per quarter
  • Tier 3

    Every year
    • CE Discipleship Strategy
    • CE Staff Support
    • Global Network Connection
    • Hippos to Honeybees Starter Kit
    • Digital Resource Library
    • One-on-One Consultation Available Upon Request
    • Video Training Library
    • 25% off Event Speaking
    • 50% off Synergy (Youth Worker Coaching)

Your CE membership includes a number of curricular resources, but goes far deeper than weekly lessons.


CE membership is designed as a discipleship strategy, rather than a curriculum service. Weekly lessons are important to keep teaching on track and to cover important topics. Even more crucial is a discipleship strategy which provides the foundation and focus for everything that happens in your ministry - from curriculum to events, atmosphere, engagement, student leadership, parent connection, growth, integration into the larger church, etc. That’s what CE membership is designed to provide. Out of that comprehensive scope, CE has written a number of curricula, as well as talksheets, guidebooks, infographics and interactive exercises, to support you in deeply discipling every student in your ministry.

Does a CE membership include curriculum?

Can I upgrade/cancel my membership?

Yes. At any point if you’d like to upgrade your membership to a more comprehensive tier, or if you need to cancel your membership, you can!

Upgrade or Cancel any time by sending an email to

If the CE discipleship strategy is free to access in tier 1, why do tier 2 and tier 3 have an annual cost?

We operate with the conviction that every young person should be discipled effectively.


That's why we give our discipleship strategy away for free. We’re happy for the opportunity to explain CE’s unique discipleship strategy to you and have you implement it successfully (and for free) as a Tier 1 member. What we've found is that, while our strategy is simple, implementing that into the culture of a church, and making the necessary adjustments in order to maximize the effectiveness of your ministry, is a process that often requires support, contextualization and resourcing. Tier 2 and Tier 3 provide increasing levels of that support and resourcing.

What is a "discipleship strategy" and why does my youth ministry need one?

A discipleship strategy is a plan for the spiritual growth of the students connected to your ministry.


In part, this includes such things as what is taught, the atmosphere of the youth meetings, program schedule, events, etc. In this way, every youth ministry has a strategy…but of course some are more effective than others! A successful discipleship strategy answers the who, why, where and how of youth ministry - who we’re trying to reach, why and where we’re trying to take students, and how we’re going to go about that. CE’s discipleship strategy is built on the conviction that students should be treated “less like hippos and more like honeybees.” Moving strategically from a consumer-based, to a creator-driven approach to discipleship is the key ingredient in equipping young people to deeply and effectively pursue Christ.

Is a CE membership the same as running a CE program?

No. Unlike other organizations (think “Awana” or “FCA” or “Trail Life”) CE isn't a plug-and-play program.


CE is a discipleship strategy that provides the foundation for the ministry you’re starting or already leading. You don’t need to call your youth group “CE”. Instead, we want to provide you with the tools, support and resources you need to effectively disciple every young person in your ministry!

Do you offer a small church discount?

Yes. We believe that every church should have access to the resources they need to deeply and effectively disciple every student in their ministry.


That’s why we make our intentional discipleship strategy available for free in Tier 1. In addition, churches looking for additional support and resourcing who have a limited budget can receive our small church discount.

Reach out to for more info.

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