Youth in Ministry

Essential Youth Ministry Training, Resources, and Systems

The cost is too high to miss the mark of effective discipleship


90% of young people are not actively involved in their church.


Over Half of Millenials consider themselves Non-Christian. This is the first generation in American history where followers of Christ are the minority.


Close to 50% of Pastor’s spouses experience burnout because of ministry stress

NExtGen Leaders are Uniquely positioned to impact lives for eternity

Empower Young People Before and Beyond Graduation

with C.E.'s one-of-a-kind Discipleship System

Avoid Ministry Fatigue & Burnout by Connecting with C.E.'s Youth Ministry Network

Exponentially Increase Adult Leader Impact with Tested Resources Developed by Youth Ministry Experts


"CE helped us see the potential of students and gave us the tools to empower them. Students are more than capable of leading their own generation if given the opportunity."

Phil Kaylor | Co-Director of Youth Ministries, Palmyra Grace


 Equip Adults

 Unleash Youth

     Accelerate Ministry Impact

C.E. Empowers the local church to unleash their youth

140+ Years of Experience

C.E. Invented Youth Ministry in 1881 and Has Over Fourteen Decades of Experience in Unleashing Effective Discipleship in the Local Church.

Discipleship Systems that Fit

C.E.'s Intentional Process is Being Used to Build Thriving Youth Ministries in Urban, Rural, and Suburban Settings. It Can Be Used in Mega-churches, Micro-churches, and anything in Between

Growing Global Network

Churches, Youth Leaders and Young People from 38 Different Countries Connect Together for Inspiration, Encouragement, and Equipping.