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24/7 Commitment

24/7 Commitment

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12 sessions 


Equip Young People to Live for Christ Every Minute of Every Day


We live in a challenging world. Commitment has almost become a dirty word! Culture’s noise is a constant bombardment that wields significant influence and power.  Yet youth, swimming daily in this environment, have the capacity to not only be taken deeper in their journey with Christ, but to make an impact for Christ in a world in need of Him. 


In order for this to be a reality for the young people you lead, those young people need to clearly understand what it means to pursue Christ each day. They need to make a 24/7 Commitment! They also need to be given tools to connect with the commitment they have made every day. 


24/7 Commitment introduces the CE pledge as the foundation for exploring 24/7 commitment to Christ. Through each of the 12 sessions, young people will be inspired to grow as a believer in and leader for Christ. In addition, your students will be equipped to make this commitment a reality in their lives!

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