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Less Like Hippos...More Like Honeybees

Less Like Hippos...More Like Honeybees

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Four Sessions 


Transition from Producing Consumers to Empowering Creators


Young people have the capacity to explore, innovate, dream and develop. We see their talents injecting life into schools, government, and social organizations. Unfortunately, most churches treat youth like a Hippo. They are begged to show up and consume “the program”. Instead, youth can be involved leading and designing “their program”. 


Adults hold the keys to how the church approaches ministry with youth. A church can either have a youth ministry, or they can build a place where youth are IN ministry. Truly unlocking their God-given potential requires embracing the latter of these two approaches. 


Less Like Hippos . . . More Like Honeybees awakens young people to the idea that they can live as creators rather than consumers. Each session challenges young people to think deeply about the way they are following Jesus, and pursue how God is leading them to get involved.

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