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Mental Health Bundle

Mental Health Bundle

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More than ever before, the teens you're leading are struggling with mental health issues. It's crucial to grow in your understanding of and ability to respond to the challenges that young people are facing.


CE's Mental Health Bundle provides practical insights & tools for understanding mental health in youth ministry. Use these resources to gain a deeper understanding of how you can support, equip and encourage your students.

  • Digital Resources Included:

    - 5 Steps to Honor God & Strengthen Your Mental Health

    - 5 Mental Health Truths Every Teens Needs to Know

    - 5 Key Insights to Understading NextGen Mental Health

    - 5 Actions to Build Resiliance in the Next Generation

    - 5 Ideas to Impact Teenagers During Seasons of Stress and Isolation

    - Coping With Stress Assessment - a short assessment for adults or teens to provide quick insights to how to deal with stress and anxiety.

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